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Kat's Naturals Balance CBD Oil

Kat's Naturals Balance CBD Oil

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Kat’s Naturals allows you to choose between three equally impressive flask sizes; 5ml, 15ml, or 30ml if you’ve already realized that this is your go-to CBD oil. All balance CBD oil flasks come dosed with 750mg of total hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD oil with 99.9% purity per OZ.

  • Made with Soluble CBD Isolate
  • Mixed with Peppermint Oil

By mixing CBD with other essential oils like Peppermint oil, Kat’s Naturals has created a product that can provide additional benefits to the body, including a refreshing and cooling anti-inflammatory effect. By making this product with soluble CBD Isolate, you ensure what you get in terms of purity and, at the same time, will be receiving an incredibly versatile product through a variety of different application methods.

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