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Skin Serum CBD Oil by Kat’s Naturals

Skin Serum CBD Oil by Kat’s Naturals

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Skin CBD OIl by Kat’s Naturals comes in two possible sizes of 15ml or 30ml worth of product. Each oil is bottled in a small flask with a dropper cap that enables easy application and accurate dosing. Every bottle comes with 250mg of CBD per oz. of oil. Kat’s Naturals also goes the extra mile by adding chamomile and lavender essential oils that give the product additional functional benefits like aiding in the reduction of skin irritation and inflammation.

  • THC-Free
  • CBD and CBDv

Like CBD, CBDv reduces seizure activity and control nausea symptoms associated with other medical conditions. By formulating a 100% THC free product, you are guaranteed that your purchase is federally legal.

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